Feb 13, 2013

An exciting start to 2013







Now January and the Christmas period is well and truly out of the way, we are planning ahead for 2013.

Another grant has been successfully won from Defra to continue our Loveurcarcolchester work. We are developing a programme of billboards which will span a year. This will kick off in late April with a focus on encouraging walking for short journeys. This will tie in nicely with Travel Plan Club promotions for Walking Week during May.

A successful meeting with everyone involved with Cycle Colchester promotional events and  training took place last week with a way forward decided on for example the website and directing queries for cycle training.  An opportunity to bid for small grants from ECC to promote cycling is available this year. We hope to develop our own Bike Challenge, as this was a project that we had funding for last year but were unable to take foward.

We are working closely with Chuft. Claudia and David are working up a Car Share Coffee Club, The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round and a Tea Time Travel Talk event.

We are working on Pool Bike promotions with CBC and David has just revamped CBC’s flexible travel section on their intranet.

Colchester Institute want to promote their car share scheme,  so we are looking at how we can help them do that.

We will be contacting our other members soon to find out how we can help this year. But if you already know what you want to do,  get in touch!

Thanks to livingstreets.org.uk for the image

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