Apply to join public transport discount scheme

Application for public transport discount

  • Terms and Conditions

  • -I confirm that I will use the discounted ticket predominantly for my journey to work/study/volunteering although I am permitted to use it for occasional personal use too. - I understand that all of First, Arriva and Greater Anglia’s standard Terms and Conditions apply to my ticket. - I confirm that I will no longer be entitled to the discount in the event that I am no longer employed by or studying at my CTPC member organisation, or I cease to volunteer and that I will not continue to purchase discounted tickets under this scheme from First, Arriva or Greater Anglia -I will not share the details of how to obtain the discounts with colleagues ( who have not formally applied to join the scheme) or anyone outside my organisation who is not entitled to the discounted tickets.
  • -Colchester Travel Plan Club (CTPC) cannot be held responsible for any errors made by First, Arriva or Greater Anglia in issuing you your discounted ticket, however assistance will be provided to resolve any issues. - Where possible and appropriate you will use the ticket for business travel at no additional cost to your organisation. - You will assist in the monitoring of the scheme by completion of user questionnaires as and when requested by the Travel Plan Club or your organisation. - CTPC can amend and/or withdraw any travel discount scheme offered to employees of CTPC members at any time and is under no obligation to provide further travel discounts - By joining this scheme, you agree to comply with the terms of use for your discounted ticket and not do anything which would adversely affect the good standing of your organisation or CTPC or our relationship with the public transport operators. - Failure to comply with all of the above Terms and Conditions could result in access to the discount being withdrawn
  • Colchester Travel Plan Club (CTPC), hosted by Colchester Borough Council will gather personal information from you (name, workplace, email, telephone number and sometimes home address) in order to process your request to join a CTPC public transport discount scheme and where relevant to send you a ticket by post. We will use your personal data to: - Process your request to join a discount scheme - Send you details about how to access the discount or send you a physical ticket by post - Contact you occasionally in relation to your usage of the discount scheme - Contact you occasionally to take part in surveys to monitor public transport We will retain your personal data for approximately one year. We will then contact you either directly or via your workplace to check whether you are continuing to use the discount scheme. Your data will only be used by the administrators of the scheme and not shared with any third parties apart from your employer. We will ensure that the data you give us is processed in line with our host Colchester Borough Council’s Data Protection Policy and in line with your rights under Data Protection legislation. In applying to join the CTPC public discount scheme you are consenting to us processing your personal data for the purposes outlined above. For further information about how your data is used and stored, please go to