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Jun 4, 2024
Mike Polom

Brand new S10 Bus Service for Colchester

From 4th June, First Bus are running a brand new S10 Shuttle service from the City Centre to St John’s Estate and on to Colchester Hospital.

The S10 is a new service, running up to every hour on Monday to Saturday, providing new connections via Ipswich Road and St Johns estate to Colchester Hospital. From the High Street, the S10 runs via East Hill, Ipswich Road, St Johns, Highwood Approach, Highclere Road, Brinkley Grove Road, Mill Road and Turner Road.

Find out more including timetables on the First Bus website

May 8, 2024
Mike Polom

CTPC is 20!

This year we’re marking the 20th anniversary of the Colchester Travel Plan Club. Established in 2004, the Club has expanded its network of businesses and organisations committed to reducing traffic congestion, promoting healthier lifestyles, and lowering CO2 emissions. Through collaborative efforts, businesses can provide their staff with exclusive public transport discounts and other incentives, thereby aiding in reducing the business carbon footprint and simultaneously assisting staff in saving money.

Cllr Andrea Luxford Vaughan, portfolio holder for Planning, Environment and Sustainability, said: “The Colchester Bike Hub and Travel Plan Club show how working together as a community for eco-friendly transport can make a big difference. Their contributions to reducing carbon emissions, promoting active lifestyles, and fostering community engagement are truly commendable.”

Helen Akpabio, Active Travel Manager at Essex County Council, said: “Over the last 20 years, we’ve continued to work with the CTPC on a wide range of different projects to help our colleagues in Colchester to travel in a more active and sustainable way – reducing congestion, improving air quality, and helping staff live more healthy and active lifestyles. CTPC has also worked closely with the Essex Sustainable Travel Planning team to support our work and give the best possible offer for Colchester Businesses. Work undertaken by the CTPC also supports ECC’s wider ambitions for Essex to become a safer, greener and healthier county by offering residents a choice in how they travel and by encouraging walking, cycling or taking the bus or train, rather than automatically using their cars.”

Marc Yearling, Travel Plan Coordinator at East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT), said: “As the Travel Plan Coordinator at ESNEFT, I have been working closely with CTPC since my arrival in 2020. Their experience and expertise have proved invaluable – both in terms of improving existing travel schemes for our staff as well as innovative new schemes to the area. They have also proved valuable with assistance to events and activities on our site, such as Clean Air Day, bike maintenance sessions and patient surveys.”

Iain Farquharson, Transport Manager at the University of Essex, said: “The University of Essex has been pleased to work with CTPC over many years, the team are always willing and able to help and we look forward to more collaboration in the future.”

May 7, 2024
Mike Polom

Clean Air Day 2024

Clean Air Day, the UK’s largest campaign on air pollution is happening on Thursday 20 June 2024. The theme is – “Clean up our air to look after your mind this #CleanAirDay”.  

The campaign is focusing on the fact that cleaning up our air is good for us in many ways: it not only benefits our physical health and the environment, but can also protect our mental and brain health.

This year, Colchester Travel Plan Club will be supporting Clean Air Day through encouraging all of our colleagues, partners and stakeholders to eliminate engine idling on their sites.

To get involved, visit the Clean Air Day website or our CAReless pollution website

Mar 2, 2020
Pam Nelson

2020 Vision: For a clearer road ahead

Business Time in Essex and the Essex Chambers of Commerce have teamed up to get businesses thinking about the best way to reduce traffic congestion: work remotely!

With technology improving it’s becoming easier and easier to work remotely, sometimes even using your own computer and phone.

Business Time in Essex are asking Essex businesses to aim to get 20% of their workforce working from home 20% of the week (that’s 1 out of 5 days). By doing so the hope is to reduce congestion on the roads, and with a workforce in Essex of 743,000 that’s potentially 60,000 saved every week and (are you sitting down?) 2,820,000 car journeys a year – just in Essex.

We fully support their initiative and agree that the solution to congestion isn’t to build more roads – it’s to have fewer cars on them.

Of course, you can also walk, cycle and get the bus if you’re so inclined and complimented by working remotely 1 day a week that’s a LOT of cars off the road!

Read the full article on the Business Times In Essex website


Sep 24, 2019
Pam Nelson

Essex Walking Strategy Consultation

Essex County Council want to hear your views on the draft Essex Walking Strategy.

The draft Walking Strategy is a response to the challenges and opportunities of walking in Essex, it outlines in detail the steps being taken to encourage walking at present and the direction that will be taken in the future.

You can read the full Walking Strategy here

You can provide your feedback by taking the short survey on their website.


Jul 19, 2017

Summer 2017 Bikeability courses

*Update* The Bikeability sessions will take place at Cpl Budd VC Gymnasium off Berechurch Road. Please email to book a place. Please don’t complete the form below! Thanks.

Colchester Travel Plan Club in partnership with Cycle Colchester and Safer Essex Roads Partnership are offering Bikeability sessions again this summer. We are still firming up the venue but are taking expressions of interest for Learn to Ride and Bikeability combined levels 1 & 2. There will be a £10 charge per participant.

Learn to Ride is aimed at anyone from 5 years upwards who isn’t able to cycle. The 45 minute session is a great confidence booster and the instructors usually get the participant cycling on two wheels by the end!

Combined levels 1 & 2 Bikeability is for children from 9 years old to adults, who want to improve their confidence to start cycling on quiet roads. The 8 hour course (over 2 days, 4 hours each day) covers road positioning, communication with other road users, recognising hazards and passing parked vehicles/side roads.

It is highly recommended that parents undertake Bikeability training too, so that you are aware of the good practice your children have been taught and can reinforce it when out cycling with them – you will also be surprised at how much it teaches you and how aware you become of the bad habits you may have got into!!

Either ourselves or Safer Essex Roads Partnership will be in touch soon to confirm the venue and send you the actual booking form.

Signups are now closed

Jun 24, 2014

Appeal for cyclist witnesses

Most of Colchester’s residents will be aware by now of the shocking murder of Nahid Almanea, the Essex Uni student on the Salary Brook trail last week.

The police are currently looking for two cyclists who were seen in the area at the time. Here is a link to the Police’s call to the cyclists to come forward. Please get in contact with the police if you can help with identifying these cyclists as any piece of information could be crucial.

If you are an Essex University student or know someone who is, make sure to check your student emails and the Uni intranet for information about alternative travel arrangements that could help you feel safer, particularly from Greenstead and The Quays.

Dec 3, 2013

NQE Business Awards Winners


The Friday just gone we were up at Charter Hall attending the NQE Business Awards- it was an evening celebrating success and great businesses that everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

As judges of the Environmental Awareness category, we were particularly proud to announce our three very worthy winners:

  •   In the small and medium company category Partnership Events and Tollgate Clinic have impressed us with their dedication and relentless efforts to make a positive contribution to the environment
  •    In the large company category Colchester 6th Form College won the prize this year! Their judge was Simon from Zero Above since the Travel Plan Club team was already well aware of their brilliant work as a member of CTPC and wanted to remain impartial.

We would like to say congratulations to all the winners and very well done! Also, we recognize the hard work of all the finalists and feel honoured they entered our category- it was a real pleasure to meet everybody!

A full blog on the subject will be on the website soon- with pictures as well- so make sure to come back and read it.

Nov 6, 2012

Belated CTPC write up

Re-cycle inundated with customers at freshers fair.

A much belated write up about the last Travel Plan Club meeting held at the University on the 6 September. 

The CTPC has been very busy particularly helping the University and Colchester Institute with their freshers fairs plus undertaking lots of travel surveys for our various members.

Things have moved on since the meeting, so just a quick recap and update on a few key points…



Replacing Andrew: Claudia started today and David will start next week! We have successfully recruited two interns who will work  with us until March 2013.  We look forward to working with them and will introduce them to you soon. 

Key projects:

ECC accreditation:

We are keen to help our members achieve ECC accreditation.  Several of you are aiming for silver and a couple for gold. The main challenge is the survey response rate, so this year surveys will be bespoke to each organisation as a new approach to encourage more participation.  The deadline for completing surveys was this week, and Colchester Institute, CHUFT and CBC’s are complete with the Uni’s ending this week. More on survey results in a future blog!

Cycling Promotion:

Emily is now a trained ride leader so could lead rides from your organisation if this is something you want to set up.

£300 funding is available for a See Me campaign, highlighting the need and legal requirement to use lights at night and to wear high viz clothing. Due to  resource constraints this has only been pursued at the Uni this year with two very successful ‘See Me’ twilight rides.  Let’s put this in the programme for next year and do something Travel Plan Club wide.

We also still have £2k funding for our own in house Cycle Challenge, Charlotte thinks the Uni might be able to help with this project – perhaps as a student project.. one to pursue for next spring.

Cycle Colchester E- Newsletters are going out each month, the aim is to show that cycling isn’t just for summer and that activities take place throughout the year.


There is still funding for CTPC bespoke promotions. Events have already taken place at the University where we promoted their car share scheme and used an eco driving simulator to raise awareness of fuel efficient driving, we did the same at CHUFT, however there we were launching their new car share scheme offering dedicated parking bays.  We aim to hold events in seven different organisations – so what can we do for you to promote car sharing and fuel efficient driving?

The Autumn campaign starts soon, and will highlight how Purdy’s savings have paid for her Christmas shop. We need the CTPC’s support to promote this campaign.

Forward planning/promotional events

We want to help you with anything you would like to promote over the coming months. Public Transport is one area that we haven’t promoted heavily. Please give us your ideas.

We are sponsoring the Active and Sustainable Travel NQE business awards this year, thanks to those members who have entered and good luck.

The temporary bus station in Queen Street will be closing on 17 November 2012 and the new bus station in Osborne Street opening 18 November. CBC will provide us with information shortly that we can share with our organisations.

 We haven’t yet set a date for the next meeting but will do soon. It will probably be in January 2013.


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