Nov 23, 2012

Claudia checks out the new bus station.

As you all probably (and hopefully!) know by now, the new bus station has been opened. It has moved on Sunday, the 18th November, from the Temporary Bus Station onQueen Street to the new one on Osborne andStanwell Street.

As a bus frequent bus user myself, I checked out the facilities available. There is the covered waiting lounge, (good for foggy, freezing late-autumn days), additional seating area and improved toilet facilities.

Furthermore, two electronic timetable screens are being put up which will detail all buses, which will be really useful, since I would normally always end up wondering where I can find information about my next bus home (particularly if you can choose from more options, and would have to walk from one bus stop to another to check the times).

For those of you who are interested in a bit of technology, you’ll probably enjoy exploring the information pods, which can give you assistance with journey planning, as well as various pieces of information about the town. They are located in Osborne and Stanwell street. They also enable access to audio announcements for blind and partially-sighted passengers, used in conjunction with the appropriate fobs (available from the Colchester Information Centre).

Finally, there is no need to panic! We have been helping out Colchester Borough Council colleagues on the street talking to people about the changes and the frequent question was whether their bus will continue to service the town centre or not.  And the answer is yes, the buses will still run through the town centre,  so if that is the stop you would usually catch your bus from, then you can continue doing that.

 Link to Colchester Borough Council website for more information


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