Mar 2, 2020
Pam Nelson

2020 Vision: For a clearer road ahead

Business Time in Essex and the Essex Chambers of Commerce have teamed up to get businesses thinking about the best way to reduce traffic congestion: work remotely!

With technology improving it’s becoming easier and easier to work remotely, sometimes even using your own computer and phone.

Business Time in Essex are asking Essex businesses to aim to get 20% of their workforce working from home 20% of the week (that’s 1 out of 5 days). By doing so the hope is to reduce congestion on the roads, and with a workforce in Essex of 743,000 that’s potentially 60,000 saved every week and (are you sitting down?) 2,820,000 car journeys a year – just in Essex.

We fully support their initiative and agree that the solution to congestion isn’t to build more roads – it’s to have fewer cars on them.

Of course, you can also walk, cycle and get the bus if you’re so inclined and complimented by working remotely 1 day a week that’s a LOT of cars off the road!

Read the full article on the Business Times In Essex website


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