Why travel sustainably?

In a nutshell

More active day to day lifestyle

Mental and physical health benefits

Save money or travel for free

Reduced CO2 emissions

Improved peak hour journey times

Fresh air and the great outdoors

Weighing up the options

There are many reasons to travel more sustainably, including reducing your environmental impact, improving your health or saving money. You might think that cars are the quickest and easiest way to get from A to B, but you could be surprised.  Sustainable travel is about weighing up all the options for each individual journey and deciding on the best way of travelling which may or may not be the car.

Control over your travel time

If you live within a few miles of work, travelling by foot or by bicycle are by far the most sustainable forms of transport as well as healthy and virtually free! You are likely to beat the traffic if you are travelling at peak times, and you have control over your travel time, which takes the stress out of your commute.

Cheaper travel and ‘you’ time

Travelling by bus or train is more environmentally friendly than the car. With our Travel Plan Club discounts it could be cheaper than driving too.  Plus it gives you some ‘you’ time before work to read, chat or if you have to – work!

Saving fuel

Becoming more sustainable in the way you commute doesn’t need to exclude your car, as cars are the only way to get around for some journeys. Car sharing is a great way of halving your fuel and parking costs. Whether sharing or not, making small changes to how you drive can reduce the fuel you use, the money you spend filling up and the impact you have on the environment.

How could travelling sustainably benefit your organisation?